Columbus Education Commission: The State of Early Childhood Education in Columbus

On Friday, January 11, 2013, the Columbus Education Commission held its second meeting.

Mayor Coleman and Council President Ginther have created the Columbus Education Commission to examine the challenges and opportunities facing all children living within the Columbus City Schools district, from preschool to career, and develop specific recommendations to the Mayor and Council President that will:

  1. enable all of our children to succeed in the city’s vibrant, growing economy,
  2. make Columbus a global leader in developing the highly skilled, creative, entrepreneurial workforce that will propel economic growth in the 21st Century, and
  3. leverage the resourcefulness of our entire community to meet these goals.

For additional information about the commission and their work, please visit:

Below is the presentation by KidsOhio on The State of Early Childhood Education in Columbus.

The State of Early Childhood Education in Columbus

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